Disposable Web Pages

I found a site called Disposable Web Page that offers you a service to create a disposable web page with a few key strokes and then add content to it.

Huh? What's their point?

There are already other ways to create web pages pretty easily. Lots of sites allow you to create web pages and store them without knowing any HTML or having server space. I wrote a post last year called "Creating Web Pages Without Knowing How to Create Web Pages." about those types of sites that i use with students.

But I looked through the site and their idea of disposable web pages is to offer easy web page creation, but also an additional service. Each web page you create has a "countdown clock" that you can set up to 90 days from the time the page is created. When the remaining time reaches 00:00:00:00, the page is automatically set for disposal. (It actually still exists for 2 more weeks and then is "incinerated."

If you take a look at it, your experienced eyes may say, "Aha, it's actually a wiki." So, what uses might we find for a Disposable Web Page?

They suggest everything from the rather frivolous - count down to the weekend, a birthday, a party - to the collaborative.

Since this is wiki-powered, you can give out the page URL and the editor key to friends (via the site & email or on your own) and they can collaborate on the page content. You might brainstorm together on a project, travel plans, exam review or any number of documents.

The process is easy. You get a master key for the page that allows you to edit the disposable web page and bookmark it to other social sites, create a countdown badge etc. The page has some limits (up to 5 photos) but is pretty open.

I'm going to create one tonight for an upcoming conference and I hope some of you will actually go there and contribute.


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