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A year ago, Apple launched a new version of the iTunes Music Store which included an iTunes U link and 16 colleges whose podcasts can be accessed directly from the iTunes application. Happily, NJIT was one of the initial "sweet 16" schools.Since then, they have also opened up the iTunes U area to "educational" organizations that are not universities. You can find podcasts in the "Beyond Campus" area from the NY Public Library, the Museum of Modern Art, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and others.

My updated list of schools below have partnered with Apple, Inc. to use iTunes U. This list was first posted in January 2007 when we launched our own instance of NJIT on iTunes.

Though I am no longer at NJIT or involved in iTunes U, I try to keep up on schools that offer a public face in iTunes U both to see what they are offering and to download materials. Although a lot of content is specific to a school (admissions, sports etc.), there are also public course materials and speakers that have a much broader appeal and real educational value.

This list is not official, definitive or complete - but I'll keep at it here until one that is appears.

If you know of a school that has a public presence on iTunes U, please add a link with a comment at the bottom of this entry and I'll add it to the list. NOTE: These are public sites, not those schools that have podcasts available in the iTunes Music Store but only as password-protected content for their own students. Of course, all these sites will require the free iTunes software to access and play or download content.


  1. NJIT on iTunes U information & launch page or open directly in iTunes

  2. Bowdoin College

  3. Penn State on iTunes U

  4. Stanford on iTunes U

  5. Duke Digital Initiative - Open Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

  6. Harvard Extension School

  7. University of California at Berkeley

  8. Sacramento State - open in iTunes

  9. Arizona State University

  10. Texas A&M

  11. Ross School of Business at U of Michigan

  12. Santa Monica College

  13. University of California at Berkeley

  14. Queens University (Canada)

  15. Wellesley College

  16. Georgia College and State University

  17. Rollins College

  18. Radford College - open Radford

  19. Gordon College - open Gordon College

  20. Lafayette College

  21. Virginia Tech

  22. Guilford Tech Community College

  23. Concordia Seminary

  24. Otis College of Art & Design

  25. College of William & Mary

  26. Villanova University

  27. Florida Tech

  28. Ohlone College

  29. Texas Tech

  30. Wilkes University

  31. Seattle Pacific University

  32. Abilene Christian University

  33. Reformed Theological Seminary

  34. Southwestern College

  35. University of Michigan

  36. Vanderbilt University

  37. New Mexico State University

  38. Agnes Scott College

  39. Aquinas Institute of Theology

  40. East Tennessee State University

  41. UC - Davis

  42. University of Washington

  43. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

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