Clouded and Clear

I finished the transition of Serendipity35 from an "all iron" computer server machine to a virtual entity in the internet cloud.  Its almost as if I took its computer soul and installed it in the heavens.

Almost, but not quite...

We're ready to rock n' roll.

Happy Birthday to US

Serendipity35 turns 6 (yikes!) today - or maybe later this week, but I think I first configured the server for it on Feb 1, 2006. For a blog, that's like being 90 - measured in cyber-dog years.  Many thanks to Ken for his tireless efforts.

Merrily we roll along...

Long(ish) weekends are generally a good time to do a little Virtual preventative maintenance. If some of the articles appear to be in hiding, or if the rss feeds seem to be out-to-lunch for brief periods over the holiday weekend, you can still enjoy this classic song from Warner Brothers by way of Jimmie Lunceford.